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Diary of an average angler

This diary dates back to a holiday in 2003 when I think the urge to get back into fishing took off.
From around 2007 the trips became more frequent with 2010/11 probably being the peak of activity.
Things again pick up in 2020 - a sort of rebirth!

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River Great Ouse - Offord (30)

Mill Stream

You can view the video on this page or open YouTube by clicking the YouTube icon above.

Arrival time: 09.50
Weather: Bright but cloudy with sunshine between clouds. Windy and certainly not overly hot.
Tackle: Ryan Burns 'Arrow' 10' split cane rod, Mitchell 300 reel, 2xSSG link leger, 7lb main / 5lb flouro-carbon hook length to 6 eyed hook.
Baits: Cheese paste, spam, flake.
Fish: One chub, an unwanted eel and a foul-hooked dace.

With my left hip playing up I hadn't been out fishing for over three weeks, but it had calmed down and I decided to go to the Offord Mill Stream as it would involve less walking than the other river venues that I normally fish. With no cars in the car park when I arrived it wasn't surprising to find nobody on the Mill Stream. I set up at the head of the stream and proposed to then work my way downstream, dropping in the few swims that exist.

The Chubb Stream (4)

You can view the video on this page or open YouTube by clicking the YouTube icon above.

Arrival time: 08.30
Weather: Misty start before a very hot day.
Swim: Roving
Tackle: 11ft Masterline 'John Wilson' Avon, 2oz quiver, link leger, 5lb line, 12 hook
Baits: Spam.
Fish: Two chub and one lost eel!

Today was a bit of an experiment. The second of two extremely hot days so I planned only to stay for a few hours. And I thought I would try videoing parts of the session using my iPhone. I had bought a holder for my tripod and a remote bluetooth shutter control.

River Great Ouse - Offord (3)

Mill Stream

Only one photo today.
Larger light-box version in the full report

Arrival time: 09.00
Weather: Bright and warm with no wind.
Tackle: 12ft Korum multifeeder rod, link leger, 6lb line/4lb cast, 12 hook.
Baits: Spam and bread flake.
Fish: Two sizeable chub, smaller chub, dace and two eels.

Once again to the Mill Stream. I took my Korum multifeeder rod that has a delicate tip for improved indication.

I again fished just below the weir pool outflow. The river level was noticeable lower, perhaps by a foot to 18 inches. No water was flowing over the main weir apron, only over a secondary section.

River Great Ouse - Offord (1)

Mill Stream

More photos in the full report

Arrival time: 08.45
Weather: Bright at first but clouding over and much cooler than of late. Little wind.
Tackle: 10ft Fishtec Compact Float, link leger, 6lb line 12 hook.
Baits: Luncheon meat.
Fish: Chub and dace, and an eel!

Continuing my quest for river fishing in the area I've now joined the Offord & Buckden Angling Society. Its waters on the Ouse are about 35 minutes away and include the main river and back streams. Today I fished the Mill Stream.

I had scouted the waters the previous day and decided on the Mill Stream as it looked 'chubby' and I much prefer smaller streams.

The Chubb Stream (3)

More photos in the full report

Arrival time: 08.15
Weather: Cloudy bright with a strong breeze and becoming hot.
Swim: Roving
Tackle: 10ft Fishtec Compact Float, link leger, 8lb line, 10 hook.
Baits: Bread/cheese paste & luncheon meat.
Fish: Two chub, both 2½lb and two eels!

After last week's reasonably successful outing I returned today to the stream.

I started in the spot where last week I lost a fish (the pipe swim). Once again the take was immediate but this time I kept its head up and, although it was still a bit of a tussle, I managed to land a nice 2lb 10oz chub on luncheon meat. Once again it was in fine condition.

River Teme (1)

The first swim

More photos in the full report

Arrival time: 09:00
Weather: Bright after heavy overnight rain. Heavy rain shower at lunchtime.
Swim: Upstream from car park.
Tackle: 12ft Korum Multi Feeder, 8lb line, feeder/leger and 10 hook.
Baits: Bread flake and luncheon meat
Fish: One unwelcome eel!

I checked out the Docklow Pools’ stretch of the River Teme yesterday. Like the Wye, most of the bank was unfishable. There were three fishable swims upstream from the car park and although I saw a chap fishing downstream I couldn’t work out how he had got down to the river.

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