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Diary of an average angler

This diary dates back to a holiday in 2003 when I think the urge to get back into fishing took off.
From around 2007 the trips became more frequent with 2010/11 probably being the peak of activity.
Things again pick up in 2020 - a sort of rebirth!


Quick update

You can view the video on this page or open YouTube by clicking the YouTube icon above.

I'm laid up with a back problem.
Check here for updates.

What I thought to be an old back problem has turned out to be a bit more serious!
After attending A&E it transpires that I have three dodgy discs in the lower back.
This has resulted in a lot of pain and has grounded me.
Having seen a neurosurgeon on 2 February I'm hopeful that I will have an operation during February to relieve the compressed discs, and hopefully this will get me back out fishing.
Although I think I'm going to miss the rest of this season.

Updated 3 February 2023

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