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Diary of an average angler

This diary dates back to a holiday in 2003 when I think the urge to get back into fishing took off.
From around 2007 the trips became more frequent with 2010/11 probably being the peak of activity.
Things again pick up in 2020 - a sort of rebirth!

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Fields End (118)

On the waggler

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Arrival time: 08.30
Weather: Beautiful spring day. Sunny with light westerly breeze (from behind me).
Tackle: Hardy 11' 6" Marksman Specimen Avon, Allcocks 4" centrepin, preloaded waggler, 6lb line to a 10 eyed hook.
Baits: Breadflake & luncheon meat
Fish: Rudd throughout session with 4 carp, a crucian, a couple of roach and a small perch.

After debating whether Fields End would be too busy the week of the bank holiday, I took a chance and was pleased to find that it was actually quite quiet. To cut down walking and ensure that the breeze was behind me, I went to what I call the tree corner, a quiet little niche in the SW corner of the lake. Conditions were perfect for float fishing and after ground baiting with a bread mix I started with bread flake. But things were very slow.

Recounting my last visit I changed to luncheon meat (Spam) as this had previously attracted the rudd, and this was the case once again. Bites came quickly but I missed most of them. I later changed the shot pattern, allowing more of a leader between the shot and the hook, and after this my hit rate improved considerably. I had about eight good sized rudd. They were all about the same size and I weighed one at 11oz, so let's say ¾lb fish give or take.

But it wasn't just rudd. A carp of just under 10lb took the luncheon meat and gave me a bit of a run around on the lightish tackle. This was followed shortly after by a smaller (6½lb) carp taken on bread that went off like a train. It was a more streamlined fish, I quipped a 'torpedo', that really had some speed and I at first thought it was larger than the first carp. Another carp of 10lb followed a bit later, and another 'torpedo'. I then had one more assumed carp come off.

The swim

The swim
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The first carp - 9¾lbs

typical rudd

A typical rudd


The crucian

carp 10lbs

The 10lb carp

Playing a carp

Playing a carp

To add to the mix I had a crucian of 2lb, which didn't look in great condition but was nevertheless a good sized fish. My PB for crucian is 2lb 7oz, actually taken from the same swim, but in April 2011.

A small perch took luncheon meat, not the first time I have experienced this at Fields End. And a couple of roach were mixed in with the rudd.

The lake was in great condition, there being evidence of reed clearance both where I was fishing and round at what I call the 'reed corner', in the NE corner of the lake. This was long overdue, the reeds having almost choked off the reed corner and made the swim I was fishing today difficult to navigate the last time I fished it.

Other improvements noted were steps leading down to some of the platforms and handrails. It is a very well kept lake.

I packed up at 3pm and was at that point still catching rudd, and I'm sure that a carp or two might have been in the offing given what had gone before. But I need to limit my sessions while recovering from the hip operation. As it was I suffered a bit the following day!

After the good session at Earith last week, this was another great day. I couldn't have wished for better after being away from fishing since last November.

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