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Diary of an average angler

This diary dates back to a holiday in 2003 when I think the urge to get back into fishing took off.
From around 2007 the trips became more frequent with 2010/11 probably being the peak of activity.
Things again pick up in 2020 - a sort of rebirth!

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Earith (5)

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Arrival time: 09.30
Weather: Sunny with increasing cloud and northerly breeze.
Tackle: Korum 'All Rounder' quiver-tip, Shimano ST2500FB baitrunner, small bomb leger, 6lb line to 12 eyed hook.
Baits: Bread flake & corn.
Fish: One crucian and one bream.

After battling the wind at Fields End last week I returned to Earith as I knew it would be more sheltered. The northerly breeze didn't affect me as the corner I fish is at the northern end of the lake and is protected by high ground and trees. While there was tranquility unfortunately the fish weren't terribly cooperative.

Responding to a comment received on my YouTube channel concerning the use of a quiver tip, I took a new Korum rod that I had bought at discount for use on rivers. It comes with three quiver tips and I had the lightest fitted at 1oz. With a 1.1lb test curve it is quite light and matched with 6lb line was adequate for bream and tench but I knew there was a risk should I hook a larger carp. My concern was proved to be justified.

I also tried using seedy wholemeal bread on the hook, the same bread as I crumb for groundbait from leftovers at home. I hoped that if this proved effective it would save wasting white bread often left over after a fishing trip. It did work but was certainly less resilient when pinched on the hook, its texture being less suitable for moulding.

The quiver tip approach soon proved to be problematic as I was getting drop-back bites as was the case on the last visit. With a light weight on it was difficult to pre-set the quiver without dislodging the leger weight. So I resorted to watching the line. It soon became apparent that it would be far better to revert to a bobbin! I did hook one fish while on the quiver but it came off.


Crucian 1lb 15oz
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lost carp

An unstoppable carp powers off!


The only bream

A long time passed with occasional drop-back bites that I didn't hook. I was beginning to fear a blank but I finally managed to hook a fish. At first I thought I had lost it in the lily pad stems but as I moved to hand-line I realised that the fish was still on. An awkward period followed as the fish kept entangling itself in the lily pad stems, while I got in a mess with my headcam, not being sure if I had switched it to record on not. Eventually I landed what appeared to be a true crucian.

I got into a bit of a muddle repositioning the rod as I moved the fish to the unhooking mat and then spent too long zeroing my Avon scales, causing me to dunk the fish while I did so. I also dunked my disgorger that was in the net and thought I had lost it! Eventually I weighed the fish only to forget to start the video on my iPhone for the classic 'hold-it-up' photograph. It weighed a shade under 2lbs - a nice fish.

Having settled myself after a lot of messing about, I spotted my disgorger floating in the margin. Full marks to whoever designed it to float.

After this things went quite dead with only occasional touches and lifts on the bobbin. This inactivity was shattered when a carp took the bobbin to the top and I was into something I had no chance of stopping as it powered through the reed bed near where my bait had been. I had to break off, losing all terminal tackle.

Once again things reverted to touches and small lifts of the bobbin, the occasional better indication not resulting in a fish hooked. As I was getting near to packing up time I finally hooked a fish, which turned out to be a bream of a similar stamp to those I caught on the previous visit. I thought for a moment that the bream were going to start to feed just as I was contemplating packing up, but in fact for the shortish time I remained I didn't get another fish.

So it wasn't quite as productive as the last visit but I nevertheless enjoyed a few hours on this pretty and very peaceful lake. It does, however, leave me with a decision as to whether to step up the tackle because of the possibility of a larger carp, or try a different swim where the reeds and lily pads don't pose such a big risk to landing a fish.

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